Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sukyo Mahikari & Johrei (SKK)

I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to show Sukyo Mahikari members who are reading this the similarities between Kotama Okada’s organization: Mahikari, in comparison to the SKK or Johrei, the organization he was once a minister of. I have gathered the official stances and practices of Sukyo Mahikari and Johrei from their official sites and I will compare them in categories.

Yoshikazu "Kotama" Okada (founder of SMBK/Mahikari)

Mokichi Okada (founder of SKK/Johrei)

Symbol of Sukyo Mahikari

Symbol of SKK/Johrei

Sukyo Mahikari members receiving okiyome

SKK/Johrei members receiving Johrei

Sukyo Mahikari on Kotama Okada:

“When Mr. Kotama Okada founded the Mahikari organization, his intention was to help people throughout the world create a more peaceful and harmonious civilization based on the tenet that "The origin of the world is one, the origin of all human beings is one, and the origin of all religions is one." The one is Creator God, whatever He may be called in various religions and elevated philosophies of the world.”

“Our aim is to help make possible a world filled with love and harmony where people will overcome the many barriers facing them today. In such a world, people will naturally love, care for and respect one another as co-habitants of this one planet – Earth.”

SKK on Mokichi Okada:

Mokichi Okada (1882-1955) also known as Meishu-sama, founded the worldwide movement of Johrei. He was a poet, artist, businessman, visionary and spiritual teacher. Meishu-sama's vision was to create a world of health, peace, and prosperity: a paradise on earth.

Sukyo Mahikari on the Aim of the Organization:

“Our organization aspires to cooperate with others in society who share the same vision of a world where a spiritual outlook will naturally be integrated with humankind's material development and progress.”

“Sukyo Mahikari aims to provide opportunities for people to further their spiritual growth, by helping people to awaken to the existence of God and the principles that govern the universe.”

“Sukyo Mahikari is not the only path to God nor is it the only way to come closer to God. It is one of many paths leading to the same Universal Truth.”

SKK on the Aims of the Organization:

“We are a non-profit organization, a fellowship, with membership open to all. Our members come from a diverse background. All are joined by a common desire to work together and create a better world by eliminating the three major causes of humanity's suffering: disease, poverty, and conflict. For some it is a religion, for others, a spiritual practice, for most, it is simply a way of life.”

Sukyo Mahikari on the purpose of Okiyome:

“The purpose of the practice of the Art of True Light is to purify and revitalize our spirit, mind and body. Through this spiritual practice, people can accumulate experiences that help them grow spiritually and become more in tune with God's will.”

“The Light of God is the spiritual energy or vibration of God's love, wisdom and will. Transmitting and receiving True Light is the basic practice of Sukyo Mahikari.”

“The Art of True Light is generally practiced between two people, with one receiving True Light and the other transmitting it. True Light is transmitted from the palm of the hand, which is held at a certain distance from the body.”

“Through the practice of giving and receiving True Light, it is possible to experience the existence of and the power of God. One can also become aware of the great influence that the unseen spiritual world has on the physical world.”

“Through their practice of the Art of True Light and their efforts to cultivate an innermost attitude attuned to the divine principles, people can grow spiritually and revive their true nature as children of God. As a result, in a natural way, people will be able to manifest their love for themselves, others and all of creation and so make possible a harmonious civilization on Earth.”

SKK on the purpose of Johrei:

“Johrei (joh-ray) is Japanese, means " to purify spirit." Johrei purifies the spirit of the recipient by intensifying or focusing divine light or universal energy through the instrument of the human body.”

“Spiritual clouds are formed by negative thoughts, words and deeds, the accumulation of toxins in our bodies, and also they can be inherited. These toxins include certain medicine or drugs, impure food and environmental toxins. Most people have spiritual clouds that they have accumulated consciously or unconsciously. Johrei enables one to eliminate these clouds more quickly.”

“Johrei manifests through the focusing of Divine Light. Johrei initiates a natural purifying process which promotes inner spiritual balance, and eases physical, mental and emotional distress. Repeated over a period of time, Johrei purifies the spiritual body, allowing it to become more radiant and encouraging our Divine Nature to unfold.”

“An Underling principle of Johrei is that suffering, as well as health, is a reflection of our spiritual condition. A Clouded spiritual condition will manifest in some form of disease, conflict or poverty. A bright spiritual condition will manifest as health, peace and prosperity.”

“As our spiritual awareness and understanding begins to unfold, our consciousness expands, positively affecting all aspects of our being. Gradually, we become self-realized as to our mission in life: to help others become happy. Our spiritual condition becomes brighter and we return to our natural state of true health.”

“Johrei is not merely another technique to be applied for the health of physical ailments. Its main purpose is to awaken the soul to the self-centered lives into God-centered ones"

“A Johrei session takes about 20 minutes and does not require physical contact. Johrei sessions are offered by Fellowship members.”

“Johrei, originated in Japan, purifies the spirit of the recipient by intensifying or focusing divine light or universal energy through the prayer, love and intent of the person transmitting the Light. Universal energy, or the divine light, when focused on the spiritual body of an individual dispels “clouds” or negativity, from the spiritual body and raises the spiritual vibration, thereby causing reactions in the spiritual, mental and physical bodies.”

“Through Johrei the spirit is uplifted and the divine nature unfolds itself more and more, causing the finest spiritual qualities of the individual to come to the fore. The mind is properly focused, relieving it from confusion. When clouds are dispelled from the spiritual body, toxins in the physical body dissolve and are eliminated to a large extent. Pain or discomfort felt by the individual is part of the purifying process and Johrei accelerates this process, bringing it to an end more quickly than it would terminate otherwise.”

Sukyo Mahikari on Yoko Gardening:

“As we enter the twenty-first century, the pollution of the Earth's environment and the human body are becoming serious threats to the future of humankind.”

“Sukyo Mahikari promotes yoko gardening, a spiritual approach to organic gardening, farming and agriculture. One aim of yoko gardening is to remove poisonous toxins from the land and to revive the soil to a healthy condition so that crops filled with the vitality and spiritual energy of nature can be produced.”

“The yoko farming method involves:

-Revitalization of the land with True Light.

-Directing positive vibrations (gratitude) to nature, especially the plants, soil and the micro-organisms living in it.

-The use of compost and organic methods that avoid the use of artificial agricultural chemicals.”

SKK on Nature Farming:

“Meishu-sama began developing the Nature Farming philosophy and methods in 1935, as an alternative to chemical farming, which was becoming very popular in Japan at the time. Meishu-sama recognized that survival of human is also depending on agriculture must meet five basic requirements. These are goals and guidelines of Nature Farming:”

-Through Johrei produce foods which are beneficial to maintain and advance our health.

-To be advantageous economically and spiritually both farmers and consumers.

-To be sustainable and easily applied.

-To conform to nature and protect the environment.

-Finally, to provide sufficient foods to feed the whole world.”

“Nature Farming uses no synthetic chemicals. Nature Farming does use biologically sound methods such as Effective Micro-organisms (EM) and other natural practices to enhance fertility and to manage pests and diseases. Nature Farming produces safe, good tasting foods that promote health and vitality.”

Sukyo Mahikari on membership:

“Sukyo Mahikari holds three-day courses at its centers (dojos) throughout the world for people wishing to practice the Art of True Light. These courses are open to anyone over the age of ten (minors need parental consent).”

“In the three-day course, one learns about the universal principles that govern the divine world, the world of divine spirits, the astral world, and the physical world. In addition, one learns about the influence that the unseen spiritual realms have on life in the physical world and vice versa.”

“Upon completion of the course, a person becomes a member of Sukyo Mahikari, and receives a sacred pendant (Omitama) that enables one to practice the Art of True Light. In the spiritual practice of the Art of True Light, the Light of God is transmitted from the palm of the hand to purify and revitalize the spirit, mind and body. As people practice the Art of True Light and accumulate spiritual experiences, they can progress to the intermediate and advanced courses where they study more about universal principles, the unseen spiritual worlds and God's plan for humankind.”

SKK on membership:

“A series of highly interactive classes is offered on an on-going basis. To receive Johrei, visit the Johrei Center. Introductory classes are offered on demand basis, and membership is open to all. To become a member of Johrei Fellowship requires taking six membership classes. The class costs $150.00 and upon completion the student will receive an amulet as a gift for finishing the course. Additional information can be learned by contacting the center.”

Sukyo Mahikari on Donations:

“For all its activities, the organization relies on a recommended membership fee, which varies from country to country, and voluntary donations from members and non-members. It is entirely at the discretion of each person to decide whether or not to make a donation, and how much.”

SKK on Donations:

“There is no charge for Johrei. We express our gratitude through offerings that are of value to us: our time, our labor or our materials. If you would like to offer service in gratitude, please feel free to do so. Your monetary offering of appreciation is gratefully accepted. Johrei Fellowship is supported solely through the expression of gratitude from individuals.”

I can’t find anything on the Sukyo Mahikari page about flower arranging, but I know this is an activity they participate in as my mother used to attend classes (if anyone can find any information about it please email me or leave the link in a comment…here is what the SKK says about flower arranging.

SKK on flower arranging:

“The art of flower arrangement is called "Ikebana" in Japanese. Ikebana literally means to make flowers live, or to give life to them. It represents our desire to bring out the hidden beauty of the flowers themselves.”

Sangetsu, meaning "mountain moon", is a school of flower arranging inspired by visionary and master artist, Mokichi Okada, who promoted a spiritual approach to life through beauty. He taught that beauty has the power to transform-to purify the spirit and evoke the highest qualities of character from within. He also taught that nature is the greatest teacher of truth and beauty. An artist in many regards, Okada arranged flowers in a simple yet beautiful way, resulting in works of art that uplifted and inspired all who saw them.”

“In the Sangetsu technique, we strive to present this hidden beauty in a simple way, rather than imposing our own will on the flowers and the arrangement.”

I’ll leave you all to ponder this without saying anything further. Please leave your comments and opinions. Quickly so I do not get sued since Mahikari has decided to put a copyright on God’s teachings: I did not create the ideas or practices mentioned above; not that Sukyo Mahikari is going to want these teachings back now that I am done with them.


Blogger Anne said...

Those pictures are worth a thousand words. Great stuff!

6:00 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Yes it got me thinking too. Seeing the similarities made me think that if I could come up with some sort of prayer/meditation like behavior that looked acceptable, perhaps too I could create a "religion" Now if I could just incorporate Steve's "kangaroo hop"...;)

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Kara said...

Yup...the leader of Scientology has been quoted as saying, "If I wanted to make money, I wouldn't write a book, I would start a religion." And sure enough, he did several years later.

6:17 AM  
Anonymous butterfly said...

I know one kumite who also became a member of SKK and he said for him the biggest difference was that when he went to the gym he could leave his SKK pendant anywhere, like in his gym bag in the locker!! Now that would be considered a great omitama accident in SM. From all appearances he seemed ok. I often wondered whether he was giving light from his SKK or SM pendant...

2:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do johrei practitioners also have a Goshintai? Do they also have ancestor altars at home? Can somebody please help me at this end. I do know that johrei people do have the Amtsu Norito, a little difference in words.

12:49 AM  
Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

I know for a fact that Johrei practitioners have Ancestor Altars, but as for Goshintai's in the home...I don't know. I do know that based on pictures it does appear that they have something similar to a Goshintai in their centers.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have first hand knowledge that Johrei Members can get a Goshintai for a home altar. However, one must give a sizeable donation and get a certain number of people to join the fellowship.. there are many other things that must be done to be "honored" with a home altar. On top of all that the focus is more on the sacred scroll and Kannon Statue than the ancestors, though they do play a part. In Johrei/SKK one must be a very important member (also wealthy making large donations) to be allowed a sanctioned altar.

10:51 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous @ 10:51AM who wrote: In Johrei/SKK one must be a very important member (also wealthy making large donations) to be allowed a sanctioned altar.

I don't know how they do things in Japan, but in America it's not this way. I'm an American member so I know. The only requirements are a one time $250 free (for the scroll), and you must be a member for at least a year. That's it; nothing elaborate or complicated required. All donations are voluntary, not mandatory. I've been a member for almost a decade - there are even some homeless individuals among our membership. Here, you don't have to be 'wealthy', important, or make large donations.

There's also an annual Ancestral service. However, the emphasis one places on ancestors is left to the individual to decide for themselves. And yes, every center has a Goshintai of Meishu-sama's calligraphy (Dai Ko Myo) on the altar along with a small photo of him to the side. Can't speak for other centers, but where I go the focus is on the God of Divine Light, not the scroll, Kannon, or Meishu-sama. Meishu-sama is given respect as the founder.

Here's a link to Johrei in Tuscon AZ:


2:31 PM  
Anonymous caverta said...

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8:32 PM  
Anonymous Teng Ooi said...

I've been a practising member of Sukyo Mahikari (SM) (Universal Laws / True Light) for almost years. I have about Jyorei and other similar organizations or movements. I have never ventured beyond SM. The reason is that I am convinced that the founder of Sukyo Mahikari Mr. Kotama Okada or reverently known as Sukuinushisama (saviour) is the one with the divine role to render salvation to the world at the time of history. He is the soul of Yo (to give) or that he is the physical representative of the current God in charge, the God of Yo: Yonimasu Okamisama. He is the one predicted in the Bible and Buddhist scriptures who will sent by God at this time and age with the mission to save humanity. That makes all the difference. How do I know this is true? By practising the art of True Light and the divine teachings and changing oneself and living for the sake of God's will and plan. It is not intellectualizing and speculation. Anyone can try it and see for himself. But first we need to abandon the human tendency to intellectualize. The Bible says: "A tree is judged by its fruits".

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our Dojo has a flower arranging team with a team leader. They purchase and arrange flowers for the altar and special arrangements for ceremonies. they have special training and it is a privilidge to arrange flowers for Su god.
Since Osh annpounced he was a member of Nippon Kaigi the ultra right wing neo-nationalist political pressure group my eyes have been opened to the true political nature of Mahikari. they are also influential in the UN through a Doshi called Ken Kitatani whoose father worked for the UN. He heads an organisation called Forum 21. I have called all the trustees and Kanbu and staff to account but they do not like my questioning and what they see as criticisms. Anyway I got pretty pissed off, my wife is a true believer so things are quite difficult. once when I was doing toneri (looking after the dojo at night) my partner left early in the morning so I pissed in the flower vase knowing that the doshi would reverently put it on the altar in the morning. i then decided to pluck my genital hairs and placed them under the little cushions at the bottom of the Goshintai frame and under the gosonzo statue cushion. Then thought what the hell lets go the whole hog and I inserted my finger in a certain orrifice of my body and rubbed it on the Chon of goshintai and all round the frame and then on the eyes and head of the Gosonzo statue.
I am still here, nothing bad has happened to me and any power the Goshintai and Gosonzo statue had have gone for me. I am my own person and i do not give them my own power.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The prophecy of true light has been fulfilled. Read the introduction of
"Theory of Everything" by SKK (download for free)

6:12 PM  
Blogger Penelope said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous jose tejeda heredia said...

yo soy jose tejeda heredia y soy alumno del maestro kootama okada kami kumite y doy purificacion a travez de mis manos y vi y veo el milagro de la sanacion fisica como espiritual inicie en los 80s y tengo 61 yo te agradesco tu trabajo.tome el 1er sem.con el maestro eduardo montero muñiz q.e.p.d. mi amor a la luz me llevo ha servir.y me da gusto que haya gente como yo tu y otros...

11:57 AM  

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